FURY Jump JPT-1 3pcs zwart

Fury Jump JPT-1, 3pcs, zwart

FURY Jump JPT-1 3pcs

Geoptimaliseerd voor maximale energie-overdracht!

De 3 stuks Jump keu JPT van Fury stelt u in staat om obstakels te overwinnen. Originele esdoornhout van de hoogste kwaliteit en een extra harde glasvezel tip op de top van een bakeliet ring bieden optimale krachtoverbrenging en verbeterde nauwkeurigheid. Met de precieze 5 / 8x8 roestvrij staal joint zijn de keu onderdelen stevig bevestigd.


* Special Canadees essen hout
* Glasvezel tip
* Bakeliet beentje


* Lengte:? cm
* Hard Canadese esdoorn
* Speciale coating
* 5 / 8X8 roestvrijstalen joint


Unleash your passion with Fury cues!

Everyone has potential to unleash your passion towards billiards with Fury cues. A nicely made cue from Fury can substantially boost up your potential beyond limit!

With nearly 50 years of craftsmanship and production experience of refining the build quality and passion to the perfection, Fury cues were brought to the world for billiards enthusiast. All the cues are carefully engineered with detailed configuration and marvelous designs in constructing a great beauty with artistic graphics. The choice of materials used in the construction of each Fury cue is more than you can imagine – from straight grained hard rock maple wood to rare exotic woods that are customized and processed to be made with time and skills; as well as refined alloy, marble, leather, jade, and many other special components are used in providing the best performance when playing with a Fury cue. From years of studying and improving the production process, Fury cues are crafted to be fine-tuned and very well-balanced. The low deflection shaft enhancement is also applied to reduce ball deflection with well-made ferrule to achieve better precision.

Fury cues are available in wide range of styles with diverse selections of pricing choices. From affordable up to exquisite processing, there are different types of Fury cues to suit your needs as you advanced your skill or enjoy playing different style in billiards. Despite of all the varieties that are presented, there is one thing that stays consistent with all Fury cues – the quality in perfection. Whichever the cues you choose from Fury, you are guaranteed to be having the best result of craftsmanship and top material in building the cues you need.

Let’s unleash your passion with Fury cues!
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