What is the DigiCue?

The DigiCue is a small electronic coach that fits inside of a custom rubber housing and attaches
to the butt end of any pool, snooker or carom cue.
What does the DigiCue do?
Simply slide the DigiCue onto the butt end of your cue, push the power button, and then play the
game of your choice. The DigiCue constantly monitors your stroke for inconsistencies and gives
you immediate feedback by silently vibrating when it detects:
- Jab strokes
- Steering
- Body english or movement
- Standing up during your stroke

How will the DigiCue help me?
The DigiCue will force you to bare down on every shot. It will condition you to keep your head
and body still during your follow through, leading to a lasting improvement in the consistency of
your stroke.

What comes in each box?
Each box contains one electronic DigiCue (battery included), one small rubber housing, and one
large rubber housing. The small rubber housing will fit snooker cues (with or without a chamfer)
and very small diameter pool cues. The large rubber housing will fit all other cues.

What do I need to do before I use the DigiCue?
1) First, choose one of the two rubber housings that best fits the butt of your cue.
2) With the battery facing downwards, insert the DigiCue module into the rubber housing so that
the power button notch is aligned with the center of the OB logo.
3) Continue pressing the DigiCue towards the bottom of the housing until it securely snaps into

How do I put the DigiCue on my cue?
Slide the rubber housing all the way onto the butt end of your cue so that your cue is in direct
contact with the plastic body of the DigiCue.

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